The space lighting design effect of the latest flagship store of KIKS in Shanghai

The buyer's shop "KIKS Beijing" held its first exhibition with the local trendy brand "All being" in September 2021 after the shop design upgrade. In this upgrade, all existing genes are highly materialized. The partition board is wrapped with animal

 The buyer's shop "KIKS Beijing" held its first exhibition with the local trendy brand "All being" in September 2021 after the shop design upgrade. In this upgrade, all existing genes are highly materialized. The partition board is wrapped with animal patterns, and the "KIKS" sign at the entrance is also covered with the colorful "All sentient beings" washing label. The opening activity, which combines exhibition and sales, shows its position in the financial statements of KIKS and All bei ng, and also contributes to the cooperation between ROOI and All bei ng. With the efforts of the ROOI team, the first store of All being in Shanghai will be opened in August 2022.

 The All being store is located at Yu Garden West Road in Shanghai, which is the place with "the most Shanghai characteristics" in the eyes of the brand founders. On this road, we can see that the city is always self renewing. Many popular shops appeared one after another. As an external brand, All sentient beings must have a highly recognizable and attractive image to stand out from the surrounding residential buildings and shopping malls and declare their ambitions for the Shanghai market; At the same time, we should integrate into the community and get closer to the consumers in the community with an open mind.

 With this in mind, the ROOI team views retreat as progress. Under the design of ROOI, All sentient beings store does not encroach on the road like its neighbors, but leaves a small ventilated public space for the narrow sidewalk. The four sided red wall structure with strong visual tension extends outward from the column axis, breaking the facade order of the original building. It is very hospitable. Residents and consumers nearby are welcome to rest and gather here to shelter from the wind and rain. In this gray space with a width of about 2 meters, walls, roofs and floors can all be used as "exhibition boards" and displayed through the seasonal patterns of the brand. It is not only an interactive exhibition, but also a window you can enter. A studio like this can "take beautiful photos". Brand culture is transmitted in a more interactive way to promote the mutual drainage of consumers.

 This fashion shop covers an area of only about 80 square meters, with cement gray and white as the main colors. The neutral colors tell the feelings of space. The space is decorated with four VI colors, namely red, blue, green and yellow, to express an excited, high-profile, active and energetic state in a more detached way - this is the feeling that the brand hopes to convey to Yuyuan Road.

 With the popularity of online shopping, physical stores have become a powerful medium for brand "scene marketing". Their design is not only a space, but also a kind of "curation". The store is designed according to the purchase demand and brand tonal display, and the products are used as props in the life scene. Based on this understanding, the ROOI team, which goes deep into the retail space, has established the integration of commerce and curation in the design of the All being store. They want to give customers a unique sensory experience. The space is flexible and changeable. It is a "retail store" in peak season and a "media gallery" in off season. In this way, the brand culture will penetrate into the hearts of consumers in a constantly updated interactive way.

 The rotatable device formed by the axle column and wall mounted facilities extends from the entrance to the room, and is combined with the horizontal suspension bar with clothes hanging function to form a visual effect of interlaced lines and planes. The entire store only sets up the dressing room and storage room in the back court, and there is no fixed partition. Considering the daily sales, commercial exhibitions, event salons and other scenes, ROOI determined the location of the axis column and the rotation angle range of the wall and the suspender. The "wall" in the cash register and retail area has grooves and light bars in the middle to facilitate the placement of accessories, shoes or fashion figures, sports equipment and other theme exhibits. Cooperate with the horizontal suspension bar to meet the display needs of different clothes. The wall hanging above the head broadens the way to enjoy the exhibition and enriches the perceptual experience when entering the space. To avoid collision, the lowest point at the bottom of the panel shall not be less than 2.2m from the ground.

 These floating devices allow the penetration of vision and sound, create an optical illusion with rich mirror materials, and expand the sense of space. It is worth mentioning that the shape of the wall perfectly echoes the iconic square logo of All sentient beings, as a canvas for secondary creation. In this way, all sentient beings can use different colors to package panels according to different themes or patterns. With the change of the mode, the store switches between restraint and publicity, which is all inclusive, just in line with the brand's world outlook. Once entering this store, consumers will stay in the real-time updated brand story hall, explore, discover, encounter and mobilize all sensory perception, and immerse themselves in the illusion created by all living beings.

The following commercial lamps are used in the lighting design of KIKS Fashion Buyer's Shop.
Recessed Lighting
Recessed Ceiling Light
Suspended Linear LED Light
LED Track Lighting Heads Spotlight
8mm Deep Edge Lit LED Light boards
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