How to choose lighting when decorating jewelry stores? In this way, the turnover will increase by 80%

lthough natural light is the most ideal light source for appreciating natural gems, in actual sales, due to the limitation of the site, merchants often rely on artificial light for lighting. How to use light sources to show the value of jewelry is also a
Although natural light is the most ideal light source for appreciating natural gems, in actual sales, due to the limitation of the site, merchants often rely on artificial light for lighting. How to use light sources to show the value of jewelry is also a concern of jewelers. When some jewelers decorate their stores or counters, they generally only pay attention to the light to be bright enough to make the store feel gorgeous and magnificent, but ignore the proportion distribution of light sources, making no difference between the main body and non main body of sales, and the jewelry placed in the counters lacks a sense of hierarchy.

In addition to unnecessary waste of light, its high temperature and electromagnetic radiation will also damage the color and luster of the object itself, especially the structure and chemical composition of some organic gemstones, such as pearls, corals, amber, etc. In addition, according to psychologists, dazzling lights also have an emotional impact on customers and jewelry store staff, and also affect the success rate of jewelry trading.


Lighting requirements for jewelry stores

Different effects of jewelry store lighting
Different jewelry needs different lights to work together. For example, the lights of gold jewelry, jadeite and diamond are very different. When selecting lights for jewelry stores, the factors to be considered include light color, lighting level, flicker, temperature, color, infrared, ultraviolet, etc. Of course, it is impossible to take all the above factors into account. Generally, color temperature, illumination level and flicker should be emphasized. According to relevant data, jewelry can show the best appearance under the light of 3300~5000K color temperature.

The factors that businesses should pay special attention to when selecting light sources. Different lighting levels can distinguish the levels and sales subjects in jewelry stores. Flicker refers to a kind of reflected light emitted by jewelry when the light shines on the jewelry. The more significant the reflected light is, the more dazzling the gem is. The color rendering refers to the correct color and the clarity reflected by the lighting on the articles. The higher the color rendering, the better the meticulous workmanship and real color of jewelry can be portrayed.

Requirements for light source due to the characteristics of jewelry

Extremely high lumen efficiency (80lm/W)

Low thermal radiation

Uniform light and color, bright and lifelike

Try to avoid tarnishing textiles and embrittlement of plastics

The light color is constant throughout the effective service life

Insensitive to temperature changes

Long service life, economical and durable

Attractive lighting Common light colors


Common commercial lighting in jewelry stores
Tube lamp - tube lamp is the light source that jewelers must use when identifying and purchasing jewelry. It is only suitable for the space lighting of jewelry stores.

Metal halide lamp - strong brightness and high luminous efficiency. However, the light is too harsh, poor color rendering, and easy to distort the color of diamonds. Therefore, it does not apply to the lighting of counters and jewelry windows, but only to the high ceiling.

Projection halogen lamp - small, flexible and easy to control. It can well show the flicker of diamonds, but ordinary halogen lamps are easy to distort the color of diamonds due to poor color rendering, yellow light, and short service life.

LED lights in jewelry stores are characterized by soft light without stimulation, rich light color, small heat radiation, and easy concealed installation. They are more suitable for lighting jewelry display cabinets. If they can be properly designed and organically combined with the illuminated objects, it will play a role of "icing on the cake".


Lighting layout of jewelry stores

Lighting position design

The ideal light setting position is above the front of the diamond jewelry, and attention should be paid to overlapping light sources so that the diamond can refract and reflect light from all directions. In order to enhance the lighting effect, when the diamond is placed on a dark background, the installation density of the lighting light should be appropriately increased or the distance between the light and the diamond should be shortened. Special attention should be paid not to let the light too dazzling, affecting the atmosphere of trading. LED light strips and Superfine support Stem Pole light should be used as diffuse lighting as much as possible to make indoor light harmonious and create a stable atmosphere.

You can also flexibly use the mini track spotlights, which are characterized by long irradiation distance, to ensure the bright and eye-catching counters and create a comfortable marketing atmosphere. Modern jewelry professional lighting has already exceeded the level of "bright enough". Reasonably and scientifically arranging the jewelry lighting can not only save costs and beautify the store, but also indirectly improve the "transaction rate" of transactions and achieve the effect of "twice the result with half the effort".

Lighting Design of Jewelry Shop Showcase
Lighting Design of Jewelry Showcase

Jewelry display cabinets are generally used to display small and delicate items, which can be illuminated by mini spotlight or Mini Spotlight Eyeball Down Light. Pay attention to the collocation of light and color. For example, gold ornaments can be illuminated by cold light, while silver products or gem products can be illuminated by daylight. Due to heat generation, the heat dissipation treatment of the display cabinet should be considered. If the project cost allows, the lighting design focuses on the principle of seeing the light but not the light, highlighting the displayed items.


Two points should be paid attention to the lighting of jewelry display cabinets

Bright enough - of course, "enough" does not mean that the brighter the better. Some jewelry, such as gold, platinum, pearls, etc. Due to its small size, the illumination is required to be high enough (2000lx), while some jewelry, such as jadeite and crystal, pay attention to the soft illumination.

Embodying characteristics - gold, pearls and other jewelry that rely entirely on reflected light pay attention to the direction of light incidence, so that the reflected "flash" can stimulate customers' eyes. The jadeite, crystal and other jewelry that pay attention to light transmission texture should pay attention to light transmission.

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