Have you met these basic requirements for the lighting design of the store?

For the store, the lighting of the store plays a very important role in guiding customers into the store and arousing interest in the goods. People have the habit of yearning for a bright place to gather, so the store shows its own unique positioning styl
For the store, the lighting of the store plays a very important role in guiding customers into the store and arousing interest in the goods. People have the habit of yearning for a bright place to gather, so the store shows its own unique positioning style through the planning and design of the overall lighting. Use the lighting atmosphere that conforms to the store style to create a shopping environment, enhance competitiveness, and let customers enhance their visual memory of the store.

Usually, when the space designer or Chen Lieshi conducts the lighting layout of the store, they use the display power of the goods, the rate of customers entering the store, and the moving line as the basis for the overall lighting planning of the sales bank, because the goods themselves cannot be highlighted from the environment, but through the construction of the primary and secondary tone of the lights, customers can focus their attention on a certain area and a certain product. Therefore, the overall store usually combines basic lighting, key lighting and decorative lighting for reasonable distribution. To strengthen the overall level of the store space and the contrast to the display of goods.

When designing the lighting in the shop, sometimes some of the most basic principles of lighting layout are ignored. Take a seat and see if the lighting layout of your shop meets the following basic principles?

1. Conform to the overall style and tonality of the store
According to the overall space background color of the shop decoration, choose the warm and cold light color, light and dark light; In the light of the cold and warm light and shade, the decoration style is consistent with that of the store space, matching, and the color is harmonious. Just like a large area of pure white background stores, it is often not recommended to choose a light color that is too yellow, so it is easy to show dirty color in the visual space.

2. Do not affect the display of solid color products
Generally, the distribution of basic lighting can make the whole space maintain a proper sense of bright light, both in local key lighting. Some people use colored lighting to pursue personalization, which directly affects customers' confusion about the product's color in terms of the product display effect. Therefore, it is not recommended to use colored light to illuminate the display of goods.

3. Avoid glare lighting affecting the experience
In the light tube distribution of the entire store space, due to the uneven distribution of lighting brightness or too strong light and shade, people's vision can not adapt to it and people's eyes feel uncomfortable, resulting in a psychological reaction of aversion to light. Therefore, in terms of angle adjustment of lamp lighting, in the area of direct light source, and in the reflection effect of mirror, special attention should be paid to avoid glare, and detection and adjustment should be carried out from multiple angles and directions.


4. Avoid loss of goods due to improper lighting layout
In the store, the light with the most contact with goods is the key lighting, which can better set off the display of goods. However, attention should be paid to the proper power and illuminance of the light source, as well as the distance, illumination point and angle between the light and the commodity. Avoid the loss of goods due to improper lighting of goods for a long time.

In addition, the overall safety of the store is also very important. There are potential safety hazards in the circuit layout, power load, light source heat dissipation and other aspects of the lamps. The store is a public space, which cannot be ignored for the safety of the crowd. Therefore, in the layout design of lamps and lanterns, these safety details should be fully considered to ensure that the store has both an aesthetic atmosphere and a safety guarantee.

Here we will focus on the popular commercial track lights

Commercial track lamps are installed on the ceiling according to the arrangement of lamps, so they can be flexibly shifted and freely adjusted. The beam angle of lamps can be selected according to needs. For high-end rail spotlights, the beam angle is 10 °, 15 °, 24 °, 36 °, etc.

In general, reasonable and ingenious lighting design of track lights, LED spotlights and other lamps drives consumers' psychological changes through changes in color and light angle. It can quickly create a visual center, focus on star products and improve customer purchase rate. No matter the tiles or other commodities, they can deliver a "collection space of emotional life style" to every arriving customer.

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