Dongguan Seeposh Lighting Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2011. lt is a company under Hong Kong Seeposh dedicated to providing lighting solutions for store display for luxury brands;

The company's total is 4,500 square meters,from the design and development (cosmetic, jewelry, watches, clothing, shoes and other industries display lighting)to the production and sales, cam provide customers with lighting solutions;

SEEPOSH takes "being peing perfect and beautiful" as its concep, and spreads beauty to show beauty asthe core with thebeauty of lighting display items as the core.Responsible for providing a beautiful light environment;

Since its establishment,the company has achieved certain cooperation in the cosmtics, jewelry, watches and clothing and footwear industries through cooperation with strategic partners.
The results have been recognized by domestic and foreign customers. The brands that have provided lighting services are DIOR, SKII, Chanel, Cartier, Hermes and Burberry and so on;

Let luxury goods fall in love with SEEPOSH, Let our aim to be more committed to interpting the beauty of objects with lights and creating a beautiful light environment inthe future.