Common problem

  • May be problems LED lighting selections, color temperature, high brightness led lamps should not be furniture lighting, you can buy natural products!
  • Yes, led light strips used for a long time!
  • Led is one solid conductor light-emitting devices, low-voltage, in the same brightness, power consumption is minimal, can greatly reduce the energy consumption
  • Led plate lamp applicable to museums, cosmetics display cabinets, wine display cabinets, shop window lighting gathered strong showcase spotlights are suitable for jewelry, cosmetics, watch display cases, calligraphy and painting shows light scenes, light body small, easy to hide!
  • Under the same brightness of led lighting and general lighting, luminous efficiency is 5-10 times the General lighting, energy efficiency is several times that of ordinary light, making some mercury, aluminum light pollution does not exist.
  • Led lights and CFL are different, led is a semiconductor light emitting, energy-efficient lighting is by having more multiple firmware and structure attached, more energy.
  • Everyday use of heat, length of continuous use, placing environment such as temperature, humidity, ...
  • Well, led track lights in clothing stores is widely used, the effect is very good!
  • Jewelry requires high angles, color temperature can be used to rotate the spotlight, color temperature above 7000k.