This is called lighting design. The design effect case of commercial lighting in barber shop

Light is a necessary condition to reflect all the aesthetic elements of the interior, including space, color, texture, etc. The lighting design of the hair salon is the soul of the decoration design of the hair salon. It is not only to provide light and m
Light is a necessary condition to reflect all the aesthetic elements of the interior, including space, color, texture, etc. The lighting design of the hair salon is the soul of the decoration design of the hair salon. It is not only to provide light and meet the visual kinetic energy, but also to shape the entire space atmosphere, emphasize the elegant style, increase the sense of space and create the desired effect.

Case Analysis of Barber Room Lighting
The space uses white to lay a clean tone, abstracting different materials and textures into distinctive modeling elements. The combination of cement, aluminum and other materials adds rhythm to the space.
Roughness and delicacy, strength and femininity collide and coexist here. The effect of expansion can be achieved visually, with black and gray wall embellishment, diffuse reflection of light, and rich sense of extended space, giving people a relaxed and simple feeling.


The facade is made of rough concrete, without lengthy external decoration, and combined with green plants full of tenacious artistic vitality, a unique sense of distance arises spontaneously.

The walk-in entrance adopts direct lighting, and the downlight ensures that the entrance does not appear depressed. The linear lights on the facade outline the space and improve the visual brightness. Make the entrance a soft and comfortable space for guests to put down their guard.


reception desk

The logo wall is installed with angle adjustable spotlights, highlighting the image and unique style of the store, enhancing the vitality of the store, and achieving the purpose of eye-catching. It makes the whole space very quiet. When customers enter the room from the outside, their mood will naturally become calm.


Water Bar

The irregular curve on the top surface expresses different dimensions in the space, making the whole space seem to have vitality. The layout of line lights increases the sense of space extension. The downlight in front of the mirror meets the requirements of space lighting, and enables customers to have a more comfortable time.


Dyeing and scalding area
The mirror surface and the steel frame cut the area into multiple separated modules, avoiding the visual judgment error caused by the mirror reflection principle.

The natural light ensures the shadowless working environment and the authenticity of hair color, bringing a complete and balanced solution to customers and hairdressers. The natural light makes the space penetrating and breathing, ensuring that guests can feel the transformation of their beauty calmly while being extremely comfortable.

The indoor lighting layout is very particular. The spotlights above can ensure that the whole head of the customer is illuminated, which has a three-dimensional sense. The evenly distributed light makes the facial lines softer, and can reduce the glare caused by the mirror image of some spotlights.

Reasonably use the corner of the wall, arrange angle adjustable spotlights in combination with the top shape, throw the light to the local part of the wall, and place green plants underneath, making the corner space very elegant. The light creates a sense of hierarchy through the wall, and creates a dreamy environment by using bright and easy light tracks.


Flushing area

The natural and breathable elements are used in the washing area, decorated with green, as a jump in the space color, which is more lovely and comfortable. The perfect combination of fashion and personality has recreated another visual experience.

The outdoor light can enter the shampoo area quietly. After being filtered by black, white and gray, the light light overlaps and penetrates in the dark, which makes the guests feel beautiful when they walk.


Rest area

In the noisy city, the extremely high-grade gray space has its own personality, which is simple but not ineffective. It can give the most relaxed and comfortable feeling, but it is not catered to but has temperature, so that the guests have a better consumption experience.

The mirror stand in the hair cutting area uses an integrated approach to avoid overlapping use of personal work areas of different stylists when customers are full. Through the overlapping effect in space, a rich spatial hierarchy is formed. Open installation angle adjusting spotlights light up the wall decoration to embellish the space.


This lighting case mainly uses lamps skillfully to distinguish space, increase levels, highlight the main body, create atmosphere, etc., so as to achieve different artistic effects. It is no longer a single hair salon, but more like an art space to spread aesthetics, helping the brand extend a new journey about design and experience.

The lighting design of the barber shop adopts the following lamps:
LED surface mounted angle adjustable spotlight
 LED downlight
 LED angle adjustable spotlight
 LED Aluminum Profile Lighting
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