Jewelry stores have the following requirements for lighting, which must be well stored

The factors influencing the lighting effect of jewelry stores include: illumination, color temperature, lamp configuration, color rendering, and background color. Different illuminance of different areas or
The factors influencing the lighting effect of jewelry stores include: illumination, color temperature, lamp configuration, color rendering, and background color. Different illuminance of different areas or commodities will make customers have different levels of sense of commodities and space, and then produce a sense of pleasure and comfort in space. The change of ceiling and vertical height plays a crucial role in the visual sense, and has a scientific summary of the brightness ratio of goods and environment and the feeling effect on people.

In the commercial lighting, the lighting of jewelry stores requires the highest brightness. Therefore, in order to adapt to this environment, a large number of high brightness light sources such as high brightness LED lights and spotlights should be used, and then external lamps should be used for auxiliary lighting. However, the problem is that without a sense of hierarchy, it is impossible to highlight the key points. Customers see a lot of gold and silver jewelry, but they are at a loss. Therefore, It is necessary to properly increase the quantity and quality of light to guide customers, compare and select products.

Advantages of LED lighting
1. High purity, bright and rich colors. At present, the LED light source covers the entire visible spectrum range, and the color purity is high.

2. Long service life. The actual life of LED exceeds 50000 hours, which is several times or even dozens of times of that of general light source.

3. There is no mercury in the light source, and there is no ultraviolet ray in the light. LED is a solid light source, which is green and environmentally friendly, and can meet the special requirements of its display products for lighting.

4. LED also features no stroboscopic, high stability and short response time.

5. Solid light source, good shock resistance and shock resistance, firm and reliable.

6. Energy saving, economical and maintenance free.

7. Dynamic color control, light and shade can be adjusted, and the LED combination of three primary colors can adopt PWM dimming to realize the stepless change of color.

8. The LED light source is set at the luminous angle, with high luminous flux utilization and small size, which is easy to control the appearance design and light intensity distribution of LED lamps.

9. LED adopts DC low-voltage power supply, which is safe and reliable.

10. LED is not limited by starting temperature, and can be started instantaneously, generally several MSs, and can achieve full luminous flux output instantaneously.

11. Low calorific value and no thermal radiation: traditional lamps will generate a lot of heat, while LED lamps are cold light sources, which just convert more than 95% of electric energy into light energy, without causing waste of energy. Compared with the traditional quartz lamp (operating temperature is more than 130 ℃) and metal halide lamp (operating temperature is more than 200 ℃), the LED lamp has no radiation phenomenon obviously, which can protect the exhibits very well, and will not accelerate oxidation or crack, and can prevent the salespeople and customers from being irritated by the hot working environment.


Characteristics of LED jewelry lamp compared with traditional lighting

1. Brightness and color:
Easy dynamic control can fully meet the market demand for high-end indoor decoration atmosphere, which is one of the biggest advantages of LED compared with traditional light sources.

2. Appearance design:
LED can be organically integrated with the building to achieve the effect that only light can be seen but no light can be seen. At the same time, it can easily realize various flexible shapes, which provides a new idea for the lighting design of indoor space. The appearance design is made of high-quality aluminum alloy metal, which makes it more intuitive to add metal texture.

3. Life:
The actual service life of high-power LED with good heat dissipation is several times or even dozens of times that of ordinary light sources. It has great advantages in some occasions that require 24-hour lighting and are inconvenient to maintain and replace.

4. Beam:
It does not contain infrared and ultraviolet rays, and is especially suitable for jewelry stores, museums, art galleries, libraries, cosmetics and other professional places. It can meet the special requirements of specific items for display lighting, so that the displayed products can achieve fidelity and non corrosive effects.

5. Illumination angle:
LED has a fixed luminous angle, high light energy utilization rate, and small size, which is easy to control the appearance design of LED lamps and light distribution release. The luminous angle can reach 175 degrees.

6. Energy saving:
In the field of color lighting, LED has shown obvious energy saving advantages, while in the field of indoor white light lighting, the energy saving effect can be better reflected.

7. Direct start:
It can work at high speed. If the energy-saving lamp is started and closed frequently, the filament will turn black and break down quickly.

Requirements for light source of jewelry

(1) Very high lumen efficiency (>80LM/W)

(2) Low thermal radiation

(3) Good color rendering

(4) Uniform light and color, bright and lifelike

(5) Try to avoid the use of fabric tarnishing, plastic catalysis (UV protection)

(6) The light color is constant throughout the effective service life

(7) Insensitive to temperature changes

(8) Long service life, economical and applicable

(9) Attractive, commonly used light colors: yellow light, neutral white, and sunlight white

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