Do not neglect the importance of lighting when opening a clothing store, and keep it well

Why are some clothing stores so beautiful that people don't want to be close to them?
Why are some clothing stores so beautiful that people don't want to be close to them?

Why do some shops have so many goods, but they stifle customers' desire to choose?

Why do some clothing counters have a large customer base, but they can't keep customers?

Recently, Seeposh has received a user's query: Want to know how to design lighting for a clothing store?

To be honest, opening a clothing store to sell clothes is not just a matter of style and color. Many bosses neglect the role of lighting when decorating stores. Different lighting designs can show different fabrics of products. The decoration of a store is also very particular about lighting!

The lighting effect can provide shoppers with a comfortable shopping atmosphere. The display effect of the same dress with lighting and without lighting is completely different. In contrast, customers are easily attracted by products with lighting.


01. The light color needs to be coordinated
The combination of lighting and decoration, wall color and fabric is the first feeling when entering the clothing store. Color conveys information faster than graphics and words. In the clothing store, there are clothes, display props, floor and wall colors, etc. The color matching of the floor, wall and props is to highlight clothing. Therefore, do not think that the stronger the color contrast is, the stronger the visual impact on the guests is, which can rob people's eyes. This is a misunderstanding.

02. Lighting in exhibition area
A variety of artistic designs can be used in the clothing display area to show the most perfect side of the clothing worn by the models in the shop. Brighter light can easily show the visibility of displayed goods.

In addition, no matter in the day or at night, the light at the door must be supplemented and bright enough. First of all, the environment should be lit up. Moreover, good clothing store design can not only make clothes more attractive, but also achieve different effects to meet the appreciation of more people.

03. Selection of lighting fixtures
Different lights can set off different atmosphere of the store, but the expected effect cannot be achieved without lighting fixtures.

In order to better highlight the lighting atmosphere of the mall, it is also important to select spotlights, downlights and light strips. Here are some relevant products recommended for you.

1、 LED embedded spotlight
☆The embedded anti glare design of the light source reduces glare;
☆Adopt high-quality and efficient COB module, with pure light color, high efficiency and energy saving, good color temperature consistency, reliability and durability, and can perfectly restore the real color of the object to be illuminated;
☆ Professional lens is selected, with good effect of light control technology and uniform light spot;

2、 High power spotlights
☆Universal adjustment, applicable to various commercial places;
☆The inner ring anti glare design effectively prevents glare;
☆Imported CREE COB light source module, ultra-high luminous efficiency and good light color consistency;
☆Isolation type constant current drive power supply with stable performance;
☆Mall, hotel, club, exhibition center, franchise store and other commercial places;

3、 Low voltage soft lamp belt series
☆The lamp band is made of high quality FPC material with good flexibility;
☆Adopt high-quality conductor materials, with good conductivity and low heat generation;
☆ High quality LED lamp beads, high brightness, good color consistency and pure color temperature;

4、 LED rail spotlights
☆The lamp body is made of die-casting aluminum, and its surface is treated by electrostatic spraying, which is beautiful and corrosion resistant;
☆The lamp can be flexibly adjusted at 350 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically to meet the needs of customers in the direction of illumination;
☆Adopt high-quality LED light source, with high luminous efficiency, high finger display, long life and good stability;
☆The professionally designed reflector, with accurate angle, scientific light distribution and uniform facula, can meet the lighting needs of customers;

 If you have any questions about the selection of clothing store lighting , please consult with seeposh.

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