Key points of lighting design for all kinds of stores in shopping malls! Keep it well

What does the shopping mall use to show the value of goods to consumers? There is no doubt about the light. There are various types of stores in the shopping plaza, and different lighting designs should be adopted for different stores. Next, seeposh will
What does the shopping mall use to show the value of goods to consumers? There is no doubt about the light. There are various types of stores in the shopping plaza, and different lighting designs should be adopted for different stores. Next, seeposh will teach you how to design lighting in different stores based on years of experience in commercial lighting.


1. Fashion Shop
For fashion stores, it is required that the cloth lamps should be as simple and uniform as possible, and the color temperature of the lamps should be close to the grade and style of the store, with emphasis on the illumination and color rendering of the store. In terms of illuminance, different illuminance levels are used according to different grades, and different illuminances can be selected according to popular stores and high-end fashion stores.

For a popular store to give the impression of rich commodities and cheap prices, the general lighting in the store should be bright and make people feel an active atmosphere, and the illumination should be 300-500lx. The display lighting and key lighting shall be designed according to the display mode. There are a lot of customers in the popular stores during the day, so we should pay attention not to be very dark when looking inward from the store door.

The illuminance of the basic lighting in the high-end fashion shop is 200-300lx, and the illuminance is appropriately reduced. The key lighting is mainly used to highlight the goods so as to achieve better results. Therefore, LED track lights can be used to highlight the position of the goods.

Color rendering is very important for clothing stores to correctly identify colors, so LED lamps or fluorescent lamps with a color rendering index of more than 90 can be used. However, no matter what kind of light source, it is still difficult to correctly identify colors when the amount of light is small, so the illuminance should be at least more than 300lx.

2. Shoe stores
Whether in popular shoe stores or high-end shoe stores, high illuminance is required for basic lighting when selecting shoes. For domestic high-end exclusive stores, local illumination and general illumination are 2000lx and 300lx respectively; The local illumination and general illumination of middle and high grade stores are 3000lx and 500lx respectively; For general mass stores, local illumination and general illumination are 3000lx and 600lx respectively. Because the size of this product is smaller than that of clothing products, projection lighting is often used to illuminate the entire display cabinet. The illuminance of basic lighting in shop windows and display cabinets should be improved.

In the daytime, in order to prevent the window glass from reflecting the exterior view, it is better to use the background lighting method. Because the luster and stereoscopic sense of shoes are very important, LED embedded spotlights can be used for key lighting. For shoe stores of different grades, their key lighting coefficients are different. The higher the grade is, the higher the key lighting coefficient is. For mass brand stores, the key lighting coefficient is 1:5, while for high-end brands, the key lighting coefficient is above 1:7. Cold mirror reflective light bulb can be used where low temperature is required.



3. Food stores
Illumination, brightness and color temperature shall be mainly considered in food stores and food stores. Such stores should highlight the visual freshness and improve the attractiveness of fresh goods through good lighting. The successful lighting is to create a fresh environment.

High quality stores require uniform brightness and high illumination throughout the room. The illumination of commodity display cabinets should be above 1000lx. When fluorescent lamps are used for lighting display cabinets, LED track lamps can be added outside, which has a better effect.

The illumination of general lighting in mass stores should be 500-750lx. The high illumination is used to highlight the rich colors of the goods. This kind of commodity lighting can combine fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp.

Fresh fish and meat stores, vegetable stores and other commodity stores need higher brightness to increase the freshness of the goods. Therefore, medium color temperature or low color temperature lamps and high illumination should be used. Such stores can use high brightness light beam projector (such as LED embedded spotlight) for lighting.



4. Luxury stores
The luxury stores in the shopping plaza sell all kinds of precious metals, jewelry, watches, famous brand glasses, etc. For such stores, they have a unified brand culture style in store decoration and lighting design.

For gold, 2700K-3300K warm color lamps should be used for illumination, with illumination of 2000lx; For platinum, light of about 5500K-6000K shall be used for illumination, and the illuminance shall be about 2000lx; For jade amber, 4000-6000K can be used, and the illumination should not be too high, about 700-1000lx; The diamond should use 6500-7500K cold white light with an illumination of 2000lx.

In addition to illumination, specialty stores should avoid glare, and also avoid the harm of artificial lights to the goods.

1. Display lighting. This kind of shop mainly displays counters and cabinets. The illumination in the display stand and cabinet is required to be 1500-3000lx, and the illumination of key lighting in the cabinet can be 3000-7000lx. Reflected glare and direct glare on shelves, counters and windows shall be prevented.

2. Commodity lighting. When the size of the product is small or the reflective property of the product is good, it is necessary to show the luster of the product. At this time, low-power, high brightness bulbs or LED embedded spotlights can be used to illuminate from different angles. 
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