Lighting skills in clothing display stores

The lighting in the clothing store plays the same role as the color in the store. It can improve the clothing display effect, create the atmosphere of the store, and create a pleasant and comfortable shopping environment.
The lighting in the clothing store plays the same role as the color in the store. It can improve the clothing display effect, create the atmosphere of the store, and create a pleasant and comfortable shopping environment.

In the whole store, the commercial lighting design has the finishing touch effect. It is like a color palette, which can produce different colors, and like a gourmet bottle, which can make different tastes. Therefore, clever lighting design can improve the value of goods, strengthen customers' purchase intention, and make the effect of visual marketing reach the best state.

With the help of lighting, the display lighting design of goods becomes more attractive. For customers, lighting plays a guiding role. In other words, the purpose of lighting in the mall can be divided into two aspects: one is for goods, and the other is for customers.

For commodities, the main purposes of lighting are:

Enhance the color and texture of the goods: through light irradiation, such as warm color light shining on the warm color goods, the color effect of the goods can be enhanced. The light reflected by glassware or shiny goods adds to the delicacy and nobility of the goods;

Emphasize the characteristics of the goods: the well-designed projection beam separates the goods from the background to create a sense of space; In addition, the color light is expressive, which can create a special atmosphere, interpret the connotation of the goods, and achieve the ultimate purpose of display.

For customers, the purpose of lighting is:

Attract customers' attention: when the goods can not be highlighted from the surrounding environment, light can play its role, for example, by using the contrast of brightness and hue, customers can focus on specific goods, thus achieving the role of visual guidance;

Improve the affinity of goods: through colored light, the goods will have a soft and warm feeling, so that customers can get psychological pleasure, and then have a good impression on the goods, so that they have a desire to buy.

Convenient operation is the absolute principle


1. Appropriate lighting mode

The characteristics of commodities are different, and the way of lighting should also be changed accordingly, so as to achieve targeted lighting modeling. The following lighting methods are commonly used:

◆ Direct and semi direct lighting

The direct light has large intensity, high efficiency, and is easy to form obvious shadows. Therefore, the contrast is strong, and it is a dynamic lighting mode, which has the best effect on shiny goods.

◆ Semi indirect and indirect lighting

The lighting efficiency is low, but the light is soft and the contrast is small. It can be used to create a light, soothing or hazy, gentle mood, and is suitable for elegant goods or underwear products.

2. Light sources with different color gamut

Different light sources have different color temperatures. For example, incandescent lamps are warm light, suitable for warm color products; Fluorescent lamps are cold light, which can make white and cold color commodities more personalized. Therefore, different lamps can be used to create different atmosphere and make it cool or warm through artificial adjustment.

3. Lighting design principles

The outstanding visual effect of commodities lies in simple and effective lighting means. The selection of lighting equipment shall take into account the lighting effect and the principle of energy conservation. Attention shall be paid to the following points in lighting design:

The illumination of the wall should be improved, while other parts should be reduced to highlight the background color of the wall, which can fully show the personality and characteristics of the commodity;

The lighting design shall fully consider the customers. Strong lighting is easy to make the eyes tired, and the use shall be avoided as far as possible;

The lighting intensity reflects the taste of the store, that is, the higher the level of the store, the softer the light;

High intensity lighting is not equal to effective lighting, so it should be designed according to the visual needs of commodity display.

Window lighting

The window lighting is designed for passers-by. Therefore, the brightness in the window must be 2~4 times higher than that in the store.

The lighting of the shop window should not only have an aesthetic sense, but also have the visual enhancement of the goods and the contrast of the atmosphere. Therefore, decorative lighting such as downlights and chandeliers can be used to make the lighting clear and expressive; At the same time, average and single brightness should be avoided, and 'Sui mode' lighting should be adopted; In addition, with the display of goods in different seasons, attention should be paid to the coordination of color temperature for lighting.

Lighting of walls and columns

The lighting required by the rack type wall cabinet is 1.5 to 2 times that of the store. From top to bottom, each layer needs the same brightness, so fluorescent lamps should be used between layers. Some stores need to use spotlights to supplement the brightness. As for the display on the wall, bracket lights or spotlights can be used to increase the sense of value of the goods.

Thin tube fluorescent lamps are often used for the lighting of wall display cabinets, and spotlights are used above to provide auxiliary light, which can usually achieve the desired effect.

If there are columns in the store, bracket lamps and chandeliers should be used as light sources. If the space around the columns is used for display and display, it is better to create a certain dark contrast lighting effect. If the upper and lower parts of the columns are of the same brightness, it will create a mediocre and monotonous effect.

The lower ceiling is suitable for the use of downlights, otherwise it will dim the light and cause a sense of depression; The green lawn decorated with the exhibition stand is bright and moving. If the spotlight is used for lighting, it will show a piece of vitality; Fluorescent lamps should be installed in the shelves to make the goods clear and recognizable, and the illumination is uniform; Thin tube fluorescent lamps should be used in the display cabinet to highlight the soft effect; The display shelf on the wall has enough light source to make the goods stand out.
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